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Look, magwan has taken it

Look, magwan has taken it upon himself to arbitrarily decide what is possible and impossible. A watch is impossible, but not self healing supercomputers... He just decides what's impossible by fiat, and then says that given enough time, all possible things will happen. Are 25 foot pink worms that enjoy jazz logically possible? Yes. Therefore, in magwan's infinity, it is a no brainer that 25 foot pink worms that enjoy the music of Bennie Goodman will exist. But not god, because magwan has defined that as impossible for us, while declaring that there is an infinity of time and worlds without any evidence.

Then he has the caprice to compare fictional characters like the eastern bunny with metaphysical concepts, like God, which are rationally coherent to all honest persons. The concept God, as the creative source of all other contingent realities, necessary in itself and required as an explanation for all other things, is a totally coherent concept. It may exist, and might not, but it is a coherent concept that has nothing whatsoever to do with Santa claus.