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Oh that's what I think? Its

Oh that's what I think? Its astounding how often what I write is completely misread. Did I not coat every single post Ive made in this thread by explaining that I have no idea where we come from, how we got here, or even what the nature of our reality is? I wouldn't be surprised to learn we are in a matrix, or that the nature of reality is completely different than what I currently theorize it might be. To me, this search, and the amazing revelations an open mind can discover is one of the things that makes life amazing. Is it a matter of faith to say I don't pretend to know the answers to difficult questions that are currently beyond my understanding? In what possible way does this claim some kind of "faith" in my senses? I'll admit, having observable facts is a huge contributor before ill commit to giving a theory any sort of credibility. It was always my major problem with cosmology; far too much far-fetched theory based around math, and not nearly enough actual observation or testable theory.

The only thing I stated as something I consider to be a subject I am 100% positive of is that religions that claim to have the 100% truth and know all the answers are wrong and deluded. I would bet an eternity of burning that the ridiculous stories found in the various religious books around the world are 100% horse shit, invented by the imaginations of primitive people, usually by elites to control peasants.

I have a very scientific mind which means that I hold no theory sacred. Everything I believe can be challenged and replaced with a stronger theory. This is 100% opposite of the religious mind which comes to a conclusion without need of proof and then defends it rather than trying to disprove it. For example, if you had asked me 2 months ago if I believed in the big bang, id have told you I think there is a very good chance its true. Today I will tell you that I think that the big bang is an absurd concept that has been utterly debunked because of new information. Ask yourself, are you even capable of doing this with your religion? Of course not.

I don't have faith in anything. I have "trust" in some things, very few of them are what you might call "established science." Trust is based off of experience or it is a deduction made after logical reflection. An educated guess of a sort. I know that hemp rope is pretty strong, so its no act of faith to cross a gorge via a rope bridge. If the rope appears to be in good shape and looks strong, I may be willing to trust in its ability to hold my weight. Faith is blind and requires no proof, substance or reason other than a "desire" to believe in something. Faith is stepping out onto that rope bridge and just expecting it to hold you simply because you "want" it too, even if you have no concept of its condition or strength.

Last, I'm fully aware that what I see and sense is nothing more than chemical reactions in my brain as light data is decoded. I have no ability to perceive things outside of my own senses currently, so I'm not really qualified to speak of methods of perception outside of what my brain is currently capable of deciphering. However I am well aware that there are spectrum and methods of perception unavailable to humans which, if we ever learn to use could possibly reshape and rewrite everything we think we know of our world and existence.