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Apologies Rebel Poet, I meant

Apologies Rebel Poet, I meant Exodus 34 (with a little before and after for context) You'll notice in the Genesis 20, the part people mistakenly call the ten commandments, they are words god speaks to Moses, there is nothing about them being placed on stone tablets. The reason, you will find is provided for you in Exodus 34.

Here's the actual 10 commandments.

When you read and understand what is most important to god, you can clearly see why I take issue with those who claim the bible is a good moral code. There is nothing in the bible about morality we can't get from the Golden Rule. And don't try to give the bible credit for that one. If you're going to, I suggest you look it up.

Its true there are a few isolated examples in the bible of good morality, but they are utterly drowned out by the overwhelming evil of the text.

For example, you may feel that when god says: "Thou Shalt not Kill" it could be argued as a good moral value (if you ignore self defense). However, when placed in context, not only does Moses not follow this commandment moments later, but he actually smashes the 10 commandments on the ground(upon which that commandment did NOT appear) and proceeds to order the butchering of 3000 people for the crime of worshiping a golden calf before they'd even received the 10 commandments telling them not too. This with an astonishing "go ahead Moses" from God himself, only moments after being told: thou shalt not kill.

So not only do we see God giving the go ahead to commit mass murder for a VICTIMLESS CRIME to a guy he just told not to murder, but we are clearly shown that god doesn't really give a damn about the crime of murder in the first place since it didn't even make his list of 10 commandments.

Think about god's priorities. He would rather see his command not to murder people being broken, than to let people live for the crime of worshiping something other than him. What kind of sadistic megalomaniac would think this way? How can you possibly call that good in any way?

If the things in the bible were carried out in modern society, you would be horrified. What would you do if your neighbor got caught gathering sticks in his yard on a Sunday, and some christians grabbed him, then, saying God commanded them too, stoned the guy to death right then and there for it? This is EXACTLY what happened in the bible when the Isrealites discovered the old man gathering sticks on the sabbath. God COMMANDED them to stone him to death. WTF man!?

Or how about Lott, the "only righteous man" in Sodom? This "righteous" man, offered his two daughters up to an angry mob to be gang raped in order to take their minds off the two angels in Lott's house. He then LIED to the mob, telling them that his daughters were virgins to entice the mob to want to rape them more. What kind of father would do this!? What's the moral lesson in the story of Sodom and Gamora? That two angels spent about 10 minutes in ONE of the towns looking for decent people... couldn't find any, except a liar who would let a mob gang-rape his daughters, then gets him and his daughters out while God nukes BOTH towns, killing everyone? Apparently those two angels, if they'd bothered spending more than 10 minutes looking for good people might have had better luck if they'd poked their heads into the local school, or playground where children and babies could be found.

Or lets talk about Job. God and one of his council members (who would later evolve into the character Satan, who does not appear in the old testament) make a bet. God thinks Job is super faithful, the satan (adversary) claims Job is only faithful since God has given him such a great life. So God lets the satan run wild all over Job, slaughtering his family, his CHILDREN, servants, livestock, busting down his house and afflicting him with plague and pain. Later Job still loves god, so god wins the bet. Yay for Yahweh... you won. What a douche. What's the moral lesson here? Its okay to commit mass murder and ruin someone's life in order to win a bet... so long as your king? Or is it that you should be a spineless groveling yes man to your dictator, no matter what @#$%ed up crap he does to you? There's a real inspiration for our founding fathers.

There isn't one ounce of good morality in the bible which isn't almost immediately contradicted or contextually overrun by something horrible. And no matter what good you may be able to isolate and then "quote," nothing compairs to the overwhelming bad morality that the book, taken as a whole shows us.

Lets look at the main themes.

Old Testament: You learn that you must do everything God says (even things that 100% contradict one another) or you and your family out too the 3rd generation will be destroyed utterly in the most horrible ways, and that society should be structured as a male dominated slaver tyranny where women aren't allowed to speak or think and are little better than the slaves God commands you on how to keep. It is filled with God's commands on what to do too people who you invade and wipe out. You are also given the 10 commandments where God tells how to prepare his food, how much money to give him, which festivals to throw for him and all the ways he wants to be worshiped. Permeated throughout are threats of horrible calamity where followers are thoroughly terrified with stories of mass genocide which fell on those who God didn't like.

New Testament: You can be charged and sentenced to eternal torture by the crime someone else who lived long before you committed. Nothing you can say or do will prove your innocence or get you out of your damnation. The ONLY way you can be redeemed for these crimes you didn't commit is to take an innocent person and torture, mutilate and then execute them. What great morality. Who needs personal responsibility? So long as you say your sorry, you can get into heaven even if you're Adolf @#$%ing Hitler, all because God let his child get massacred as a scape goat for Hitler's crimes. HOWEVER, a perfectly good person of high moral character will burn and be raped and tortured until the end of time if they didn't believe it was true. Summery: You will be judged on what you believe, not on who you were. Great moral compass, that is.