Comment: Who says I am rich?

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Who says I am rich?

I donate my time to help with Charities all around the world. I go out my way to help small businesses in my town. I go out my way to help kids, build parks etc. I make statements. I show the world that we don't need Government to help others.

I don't care if Religion is dying. My Bible warned us about that time. I have nothing to worry about. Fear isn't on my list.

By the way, you are on a site called the Daily Paul where Ron Paul is a Christian and spoke just like one through out the debates of 2012.

Must feel weird supporting a Christian huh?

Unless you are just on here to troll and hate. I have no idea.

The funny part about all this is my God and his teaching brought me to Ron Paul.

You know, not every Religious person imposes on others and acts like a jerk.