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...Gen 1:1 has the heavens and the earth being created before the six days even really get underway. Notice that 1:2 jumps to the earth being in a mysterious darkness, enveloping its watery nature, which has no distinguishing form or inhabitant. There is a vibration or 'hovering' occurring over these dark depths -- and then there is light! But the heavens and the earth are already existing before this light.

Note that it doesn't really say that this is the very first light of all -- you could almost imagine there being a vague dimness over the waters to begin with, and a brighter light being suddenly present, which divides the dim area from the light area. This is where I'm starting to wonder if the Saturn model, with it fixed over the northern pole, and the southern pole left in relative dimness, could constitute the dividing of the light from the darkness, when some plasma effect excited the Saturn configuration -- creating this burst of light.

Then there is a separation of waters -- waters somehow being reserved above or beyond the earth, that would later be brought to bear in the deluge. The waters below are gathered into one area, and a single continent of 'dry land' is present (I'm picturing this land being under the Saturn-dominated pole, in the 'Day' hemisphere.

Then there is vegetation growing; then there are suddenly the appearance of new lights in the sky that introduce the ability to track time -- for signs and seasons and days and years. Perhaps with the preceding changes of the separation of waters and whatever development of atmosphere this included, the lights were already present but could only now really be seen from earth's perspective. But the heavens and the earth from verse 1 have been present all along.

Then there is the appearance of animals in sea, air, land; then human kind.

This picture doesn't necessitate humanity being the center of all the heavens and earth, all the rest of Creation. We may only be a local focal point of Creation. There may be other worlds out there as well; other focal points. To be only a single flower in a cosmic garden doesn't make each flower insignificant to the Master Gardener. Just as each person within humanity itself is its own 'flower' in the Mind of Love. Each of us has that 'white stone' with our new name written on it, that only our Father knows, and which He will show us in due time. Our individual importance is not lost in the cosmic ocean; it only enhances the richness of the tapestry that surrounds us and includes us.