Comment: That's not what I said.

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That's not what I said.

That's not what I said.

What I meant is (just IMO) she hasn't been saying anything of any interest for the public's enlightenment, either way - positive, worth to promote, or negative, to denounce - and despite all the attention she gets.

I don't know her - I'm nobody to judge anybody - but I try to gauge what people actually do or say, and what it's worth for principles.

She says and even sings she feels free to say and do whatever she wants. Big deal! It's supposed to be America, here, btw, isn't it? Yet, I'm not so sure about that claim of her : I'm not so sure she actually checked for herself what is the actual state of her freedoms - including her freedom of speech.

I can think of a few topics about which she would be very unpleasantly surprised to see how much unwelcome she would be to bring them up...

Again, she is absolutely free to use her fame the way she wants, I'd never deny that, but so far, it remains I haven't heard anything from her own intelligence questioning anything about serious matters around us.

However, granted, she seemingly is absolutely perfect for now, while doing what I'm sure some people (who aren't exactly our friends, politically or morally) expect her to do :

performing a terribly efficient distraction for the American public, via the MSM.



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