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I skimmed quite a lot of it.

I skimmed quite a lot of it. Its a slog. On the other hand, I probably understand it better than most people you know. Further, the internet is a great resource where atheists have been dissecting and exposing the bible for what it is for a long time. Much like how we use the internet to debunk the lie of government and expose the FED, the ability to pool our collective wisdom and share information is invaluable for abolishing all false dichotomies.

Cain and Abel "is" an interesting story. So we have the sons of Adam and Eve in a competition about whose "offering" will most impress god.

Obviously, god favors animal sacrifice to simple offerings of fruit, so Abel wins, and Cain is mocked for his shitty offering... you know, since he didn't kill anything. He's mad about loosing the competition, and so he offs his brother... and god turns him into a fugitive... but also gives him a wife(???). Of course this begs the question, how did Cain and Abel have wives when there were only 4 people alive at the time, and two of them were their parents?

The moral lesson here is... what? We should avoid being jealous of the sacrifices other people make to god? Clearly god doesn't have a problem with jealousy in general as his name (according to Yahweh himself) is Jealous.

Now onto Ecclesiastes. I find this story to be one of the most despicable in the bible to be honest, and I'm glad you brought it up. This story, perhaps more than any other in the bible pushes the idea that you should be happy living in poverty and getting trampled on your entire life. What's the point of trying to improve your life or the world around you since you're going to die? So instead you should just spend your life pleasing god and being a good little peasant. Can you please tell me how this entire fable isn't an affront to free market capitalism? Im sorry man, but I do not accept living in squalor while political elites rig the markets and steal wealth for themselves. I live by the ideal that a man should produce more than he consumes and I consider a self made person to be a hero of capitalism who makes the world around them a better place.

Ecclesiastes is everything I hate about religion. It makes passionate, strong people into easily ruled weaklings. The demonization of capitalism and serving one's own long-term self interests in favor of accepting squalor and poverty without question while the people who are selling you the crap in the bible live like kings over you. You should NEVER accept poverty, but should strive to make the best life for you and your family you are capable of, within the principal of the philosophy of liberty. When you do so, everyone benefits. The church and the state both sell this ridiculous notion of "altruism" and being fine with your miserable lot in life as a virtue. I consider it the height of weakness and victim status.