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With as many posts as you

With as many posts as you have made jetguy, I am starting to wonder if you are the president of the miley cyrus fan club?

She is free to do what she is doing, but that doesn't mean she isn't disgusting. A person can refuse to bathe, but that doesn't mean I want to sit next to them, or that they are a good role model.

She has no class, and their is no class involved in the admiration of her. What is it you call a woman that sells sex again? I am OK with decriminalizing prostitution btw, but that doesn't mean a whore isn't a whore.

As far as her songs, her voice is only OK, and her lyrics are about rebellion for the sake of rebellion, not with any cause in mind. Her fake rebellion misdirects kids that might otherwise find real rebellion. Her songs are probably written for her in a corporate office back at her record company.