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who said anything about an

who said anything about an infinite amount of possibilities? Will one of you please please please read and comprehend what I write before creating something I didn't say and then finding fault in it? I said that in an infinity (which we cannot know if space is infinite admittedly) there is an infinite number of CHANCES for those things which are POSSIBLE to occur.

There are not infinite "possibilities." Many things are impossible, for example: perfect beings are impossible. Let me prove it. Can God create a rock so heavy he cannot lift it? The simple question creates a paradox that points out that there is nothing in existence without limitations. The very fact that a perfect being would be incapable of putting a limitation on itself is proof that perfection is impossible. Or if you like to say that he could put a limitation on himself, well.. then he'd be limited in which case he wouldn't be perfect any longer.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy was a ruthless parody of the absurd notions put forth by cosmologists because they made impossible claims to explain away impossible things by inventing non-existent fill-ins for their theory. For example, they would claim that gravity held together the universe and everything in it. However gravity is far to weak a force for this to happen, so they INVENTED super-dense matter and dark matter to patch their broken theory. Does it matter than no one has ever observed or shown that either can exist? Not to the faithful! We know for a fact that if you attempt to compress neutrinos, they fly apart violently. Therefore, super condensed matter isn't even possible.

No matter how much time passes over how much space, these things, which are impossible are not going to happen. This leaves us with a few observable facts: One: We are possible. Two: We have no idea yet how we occurred, or how common we are in the galaxy. That makes me curious.