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That's an interesting...

...area to think about -- especially when you get into the possibility of there being other created beings who are not fallen. See CS Lewis's 'Space Trilogy' for a fascinating fictional exploration of this kind of concept.

My answer would be yes, though -- in this sense: God is Love; all created beings are created to participate in Love, to grow into their own persons through their journeys of becoming. I believe the commands to Love God, love neighbor would extend to all created beings that emanate from Love; and therefore that all who stray into the abyss of non-Love, who experience its ravages and darkness, will find Love Himself, the Servant, the Son, stooping to 'wash the feet' of the least of us; hurling himself into the chasm, demonstrating the Way back to Love, through a life, death and rebirth dedicated to His Father.

That is our way back home, to Love -- to follow the Son, through the dethroning of self, through becoming the servant, enabled by the Servant: us in the Son; the Son in the Father; us in the Father. Love: all-in-all.

This pathway of redemption or reconciliation would not be unique to us as humans. It would be the cosmic global Natural Law, so to speak. :) The dying, reborn god-man might be presented differently in the other worlds; but it would still be the same Son, the same demonstration of Love. Again, for a CS Lewis reference, see Aslan in the world of Narnia as a fictional picture of redemption in another world.