Comment: Ventura is good at speaking

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Ventura is good at speaking

Ventura is good at speaking in simplistic memes that boil down the point; Memes are good for the average frustrated person that lacks the ability to think outside the box.

With Howard Stern I think you make a good point about people taking it serious, however I think it is double edged sword. 3rd party candidates have trouble getting attention, and with Stern, there is much more exposure to be had. Yes, it is a long shot without a perfect storm, but it seems like if there ever was one, it might be in 2016.

In 2016 there is no incumbent. Hillary Clinton's popularity is no where near the portrayal painted by the media. The best hope for the GOP in a national election was Chris Crispy Creme, but I doubt it after he has been convicted of being a mean bully by the media. One should never underestimate the superficial general public's willingness to shy a way from an obese man that might well drop dead in office. I like Rand Paul, but I don't love him, and despite the deepest wishes of many here at the DP, I do not think he is electable in a general election.

The only way Rand might get non-republicans to vote for him is going to be to piss off the average statist republican with talk of marijuana legalization, and defense cuts. Good luck to him, but I think the reinforcing positive views of Rand on the DP, might be leading some to think his chances are better than they are. Poor people thought Romney was going to take away their food stamps, and that is what they will think about Rand as well.

I don't think the GOP has a viable party platform at all anymore, at least not on a national level. It is looking like another President Clinton, absent a viable 3rd party alternative.