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Why wouldn't a 25 foot pink

Why wouldn't a 25 foot pink worm be possible? We have them on earth I believe. Tapeworms can be nearly 100 feet in length and I believe they have a pinkish hue. I have no idea if they like Jazz or not. Not sure they have ears. But I expect somewhere in this vast universe, at some point within the trillions upon trillions of years of time which constitute a flash in the entirety of existence(and the amount of time ill be raped and tortured in hell for not telling Yahweh how awesome he is), there may have been worm-like creatures with ears who probably enjoyed or will enjoy jazz-like music. They may even come into contact with a copy of Bennie Goodman's music in some vast distant future, and find it to their liking. In fact, we may eventually genetically create them here on earth in my lifetime. So really, that seems a pretty solid possibility.

Other than my claiming that ridiculous fairy tales invented by desert wandering primates are certainly not factually accurate representations of the actual nature of existence, did I claim somewhere to be an authority on which things are possible and which things are not? Did I say that superior entities were not possible? There are probably forms of life that aren't even carbon based which might have powers that humans would consider god-like. I have no idea when it comes to what sorts of life, matter and energies will and have existed.

Did I say that watches are impossible? I have one. It didn't build itself. Do I really need to tell you why a bunch of individual components without any form of intellect or awareness won't suddenly put themselves together to form a watch spontaneously, no matter how long you leave them sitting? You're not an idiot, so why do you make such silly arguments when you know how ridiculous they are? Is this really the best level of argument you can produce? Seriously?

You can do better. If you want to debate act like an adult and try to challenge me with relevant arguments.

You know... I think you guys are just feeling upset because I don't buy into your silly mythology. You're feeling a bit rejected. I get it. These feelings of bitterness you're experiencing come from the fact that not only did I reject your superstitions, but I wasn't very nice about it... like a nerd getting laughed at by some hot girl he asked to the prom. Honestly I could be nicer about this sort of thing, and for that I do apologize. But I sometimes feel I need to be stern with you theists so that you won't feel encouraged to push your fairy tales on me, or let me know how you're going to pray for me as if there is a hope I might still be converted to your puzzle-factory religion. At least when I'm blunt, we generally cut to the chase faster and I just get to hear about how I'm bound for eternal torture and burning for mocking the sky fairy. No sense in dancing around it right?

Honestly though, if you really feel the need to flail away again my assertion that I don't know the answer to life, the universe and everything because you're upset that I simply don't find Yahweh attractive, then we are going to have to stop hanging out together.

When you can come up with a better counter to something I've ACTUALLY said than trying to catch me in some kind of weird 3rd grade paradox about probabilities in infinite time and space somehow making watches fly together of their own volition possible, we can talk more.