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that depends

A child should have the right to become emancipated at any age, if the child can demonstrate to a court that the child is competent enough to take care of him/herself. If a child is not emancipated, then the parents have guardianship rights over the child and can exercise control over the child.

If a child wants to commit suicide because of a terminal illness against the wishes of the parents, the child would have to demonstrate understanding of the decision and become emancipated in the eyes of the court.

I find your last paragraph full of foggy concepts and ambiguous terms. NAP and self-ownership are agreed upon concepts and do not have some ideal platonic existence. If that's your point, I agree with it.

I am not opposed to granting some rights to some animals, such as the great apes. What the exact criterion for recognizing self-ownership should be has not been settled, as far as I know. Some claim a being should be recognized as having rights to the extend to which it can demand them. Others claim that a being should be recognized as having some rights if it demonstrates self-awareness. It's an interesting questions. Dismissing all claims for animal rights seems premature to me.

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