Comment: Why not listen to formulator himself, instead of AJ's testimony?

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Why not listen to formulator himself, instead of AJ's testimony?

Thank you Pete, for helping us know who's not doing their homework here, in hopes of bearing false witness against his neighbor. Here is Dr. Joel Wallach, formulator of Beyond Tangy Tangerine, answering a question on the very issues you've raised, and quickly responding with the same answer I've heard him address many times over my years of health research, way before Alex and Dr. Wallach ever met.

Alex never claimed to have any input on the formula itself. His testimony of personal benefits, and that of many others he knew and observed, made enough of a believer that he went on to endorse it, and have his picture on the label of its 2.0 formulation. Still, from what I know of Dr. Wallach's standards of research and ingredient purity, I wouldn't mind trying it more than the single serving I had once and enjoyed. The link that's supposed to take us to Mark Dice is non-existent, and if he even said what you claim, I suspect you're probably twisting his words, also.

Never heard of your show before, but I'll be sure not to bother listening, unless you can give a better reason to than this.

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