Comment: The Larkin vs. William Grigg debate

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The Larkin vs. William Grigg debate

was comical. OK:

NOW ENTERING THE ROOM: Mr. William Grigg, noted scholar and acclaimed author, Husband, Father, Christian. Mr. Grigg walks with a simply ministerial air. Ministerial as in Pastoral in the clerical sense: he is a Shepherd and he is as gentle and graceful as he is dignified and an aura of AUTHORITY settles about him like a mantle. This man is a king of the MLKII tradition and style. The room swoons in awe and respect.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAnd in this corner here's Larkin Rose in his boots, jeans and butch t-shirt, he's young, he's buff and he's known to be rough and ready. He eats nails for breakfast, he sweats them out with tequila for lunch and he can shoot the eye out of a fly at 50 paces. Twice. Same eye.

And here's the bell...and the combattants come out with inflatable swords. I mean that wasn't softball, that wasn't even whiffle ball, that was the Nerf version of a smackdown. What did you expect from two men who truly respect one another? Not the kind of politician act nice to get along respect but the real kind. Forget about the points made, you already know them. That was just watching an elder and a young buck pass a ball back and forth and the idea was to keep it in play not make the other guy drop it.

Not much of a debate as such. Would have made better youtube to have a bunch of us forming a wall to defend Mr. Grigg while the Oath Keepers and guardians dragged Larkin off kicking and screaming LET ME AT HIM I'LL KILL HIM and foaming at the mouth but... was what it was.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.