Comment: Tell ya what this makes me think of....

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Tell ya what this makes me think of....

Many, many moons ago I knew a woman (a geriatric physician) from Romania, I met her around '88. Her family had "escaped" Romania. She told our family of crazy-horrific stuff that went on in Romania like:

If an elderly/handicapped person no longer was "producing for the state" and was "costing the state money", a white wagon would appear at their home and take them away to be euthanized. She claimed "everyone knew" what it meant when that white wagon showed up at your house.

Can you imagine the horror of seeing that white wagon appearing at your front door?

This is what concerns me about euthanasia becoming "normalized"/acceptable...I mean look around at this country, there is wickedness at every we really think what happened in Romania won't happen here?

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