Comment: Yes, I did.

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Yes, I did.

I was having some fun with you, referencing what you had said on another thread. I'm not one of the extreme freaks mentioned in the freakers ball either. Including you among my hippy friends is a huge complement. Caring, passionate, tuned in to music, tuned into nature, anti aggression, eager to question all that you have learned.

I've been a libertarian leaning republican sense the early 70s too. I tried so hard to get people to listen to Ross Perot.
I experimented with some mind altering substance in my youth but I found that I prefer a clear head (weed doesn't count, right). :)

My ears are making a second pass over LOVE now. Forever Changes - I like the way our passions mature with us. My favorite hair color is salt&pepper.

I believe I owe you a dance. That's a dept I wish I could pay.