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I am reminded that another problem also exists in our society.

You cannot as an individual really go up against Goldman Sachs, or Wall Street, or Walmart, or Halliburton, or Exxon-Mobile, etc., with the legal system that we have today in our Country. The wealthy all have their sophisticated, private armies of Lawyers to just run circles around any case, and impoverish any individual who tries to take them on.

So "Trial by Jury" does not really exist in our Country -- because we have a class system:

1) The top rich & powerful people in our Country never even have to face any charges. Any and all Law cases will just be dismissed and thrown out. For example, no matter what crimes Dick Cheney or David Rockefeller or George H.W. Bush or Donald Rumsfeld have ever committed (or how many human beings they killed), they will never, never, ever see the inside of a Court Room. We also see this as well with the court efforts to expose human torture, and attempts to bring issues about Sept 11 into a Court Room.

2) And those people who are not "Elite", but who are rich enough to hire expensive private attorneys can just game the system to their advantage, while the poor and working class are stuck with mere "public defendants" who often work hand and glove with the prosecution team. It is assured that this cannot be a fair system. It is a Class System all the way.

3) Finally, with The Patriot Act, and NDAA, and the new militarization of the police -- they don't have to even have to give you a Trial if they don't want to. They can just spirit you away behind closed doors into a detention camp (even an overseas one), and then deny you all rights that had at one time been printed in The Bill of Rights. No lawyer, no Trial, not even a phone call.


So in regards to our Legal System, we've got big inequality problems here. The only solution that I see is to repeal The Patriot Act, but also as well make all Court Representation done by public attorney (free of charge). This way, the wealthy people (and Corporations) cannot go and hire their own "dream team" of smart-ass lawyers, while average people get stuck with virtually no representation at all.

In final analysis, money seems to just corrupt everything -- all the Institutions.

Until the "have nots" in our Country have the same access, the same powers, the same ability to express themselves as the wealthy do -- then we will always have a corrupt, unethical, and unjust society.

Power should never come from money.
Power should only come from Love.

We designed a system that got it all backasswards.
Maybe the Zeitgeist Movement is an answer here....