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You know you're right Bill, I

You know you're right Bill, I give the chance of Yahweh and his wonderful cast of characters in the bible as much likelihood of being true as I do Zeus, Thor and Apollo. You've won me over with the idea that we could be play things in a giant matrix devised by some giant asshole. That said id still be willing to bet an eternity of burning that its horseshit.

An atheist doesn't have to believe any such things as "we come from nothing." I have no idea what we come from, but I also reject that we cannot learn the answer. That sounds like the argument of an intellectually lazy person. I have no doubt that we can untangle the knot of our existence given enough time.

The evidence I discovered that the big bang was incorrect was in studying the electric universe model. The universe doesn't appear to be expanding, and redshift has just been proven to be a flawed method of calculating velocity and distance. It now appears that redshift has more to do with the age of galaxy's than how fast they are moving and in what direction.

I recommend going to "Project Thunderbolts" and spending some time there. Fascinating stuff.