Comment: oh yeah! All over the place.

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oh yeah! All over the place.

oh yeah! All over the place. Coke took a lot of it's red ink off the cans, replaced with either white or left with a silver look (no paint) at one point. Watched as Hamburger Helper went from over 7 oz down to about 5 oz. Added scents to laundry detergents to justify higher costs. Cans of gravy by Campbells. I had a couple cans left that were before the changes. They look exactly like the new ones but bigger. Smaller boxes of cereal. Ingredients taken out of some of our favorite brands and I don't think it was because of the first lady's healthy initiatives. Brands going more white on packaging. I was a mass communications major in college (years ago) so I really get a kick out of all the justifications to raise prices on regular everyday items that are not any better. I could be wrong on this but some well known chocolate bars seem to be getting slightly smaller or the chocolate layer seems a bit thinner. Maybe I'm just paranoid? LOL