Comment: Thank you.

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Thank you.

He had great pipes and a lot more.

One day JJ pops in my studio and I'm recording some tracks...
He says, " You want me to sing the back up harmonies?"
I say yes. :-)
So we finish the first part and I'm rolling tape with the first part in the cans and he says take out the first track.
I ask him, "What? You don't want the first track in for reference? He says no.
We do three tracks like that and when I mixed them down...perfect harmony!
I say, "Dude, how do you do that?"
He says, "Same as you do on the guitar, my voice is my instrument".

Maybe someday I'll share the story of how he drove us straight into a tornado...true story!

Man I miss him.
But I'm thankful for the time we had.

His family is thankful for all your thoughts and prayers.

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