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If you want to have a

If you want to have a powerful presentation that will wake people up to the harm our allegiance to Israel has caused, contact the USS Liberty Veterans Association and get one of these survivors to come give their presentation at your church or civic group or whatever.

It's a great presentation to wake up people trapped in the ideology of Christian Zionism, because these guys are as American as apple pie, they are forged in the archetype of "Captain America" but the message they present does not follow the propaganda, instead it challenges its very premise!

I recently had the pleasure of meeting two of these guys, they are passionate and heartfelt about keeping the story of the Liberty alive and getting to the bottom of it.

They retell the story with passion and the conclusions that are drawn from it are powerful and undeniable.

They don't get preachy on these conclusions, they simply present the facts of what happened, and any rational person will immediately begin to question the motives behind our country's allegiance to Zionist Israel.