Comment: A Powerful Statement of Liberty Is To Say, "I've Had Enough"

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A Powerful Statement of Liberty Is To Say, "I've Had Enough"

How difficult is it to not go to the poll booth in November or go and write in "None of the Above" on a federal election ballot? What does it show our brethren about our perception of the central government in America today?

Those followers of the established political rot will: challenge our inaction, condemn us for not deciding, curse us because we wasted our vote, mock us for not supporting their belief in the tired dogma of the American political system of Republican and Democrat two-card monte.

We respond politely but firmly to their diatribes with questions such as;

"Do you think you should be forced to give up what you value?"
"Why do you believe the government acts in your best interest?"
"Why do you give others the power to rule over you at all?"

They may answer with, "That's the way democracy works," or "We have to sacrifice for the greater good." However look to the past; have you personally benefited from the greater good (whatever that means) and at what cost to others?

The cycle of U.S. Congressional elections is a Rubicon for which the American people will eventually cause their own undoing if they continue to participate in this perpetual Hunger Game for the amusement of the shadow government. To cast a vote for a candidate or incumbent in a federal election is to tell others you gladly sacrifice their freedoms to the diabolists in Washington.

The American people can easily reject Washington's machinations and fear mongering by acting courageously and without reservation. Starting over is the only way to peacefully restore our liberties and protect future generations.

Don't vote or vote, NOTA ("None Of The Above") in the next federal election. Stop the madness.