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Last month Veterans Today published a nonsense-littered 'Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook was an Elaborate Hoax' article that was primarily authored by none other than Jim Fetzer with some contributions from Prof. James Tracy and Sofia Shafquat. This was part of my dialogue in YouTube PM with another YouTube user regarding my distrust for Jim Fetzer and Sofia Shafquat, Sofia Smallstorm's real name. The highlighted images are screen captures of the article.

1. The Glass Window


story photo

Jim Fetzer's using pathetic photo trickery, purposely not showing a front or near angle. Instead he showed the angle most obstructed, from farthest away, a night shot no less.

front photo

near photo

The bookcase in the near photo has been pushed out of the way *arrow indication* and came to rest against the seat blocking it from either falling over or being pushed further out of the way. That is, unless it's "normal" for seating arrangements to have a bookcase like that - with the books inaccessible to anybody lol. There also appears to be a bullet hole in the top-left area of the bookcase.

Jim Fetzer also intentionally fails to mention that Adam Lanza was allegedly 6'0, very thin weighing ~110 pounds, his alleged weapons & ammo taped to his clothing and also in handgun holsters. If Adam Lanza in fact was the shooter, or only shooter, if he used the Bushmaster, then the only weapon he had to maneuver when climbing in through the window was the rifle.

6'0, thin & lanky, holding only a rifle, would have difficultly to climb through that window after pushing the bookcase out of the way and tipping over the potted plant stand, without disturbing the other not-in-the-way furniture such as the seat & couch?

Jim Fetzer is a liar.

2. FEMA "Drill"


It wasn't a drill, it was a classroom course 20 miles away in Bridgeport, CT. It was not near Sandy Hook elementary.

There is no indication it was an I.C.E., neither that it had any tie in with the Sandy Hook shooting.

Fetzer tries to take the classroom course information that is nothing like what happened at Sandy Hook, then conflate it with his claims of an alleged "I.C.E. drill" at Sandy Hook to conclude they were in fact both the same thing.

Jim Fetzer is a liar.

3. Wayne Carver Acting "Crazy"

This was discredited over a year ago. The "Crazy Carver" misinformation was an edited piece designed to give the appearance he was crazy and acting like a weirdo. Watch the actual full press conference instead for proper context.

Jim Fetzer is a liar.

4. Anderson Cooper's "Green Screen"

This was discredited a long time ago. The "green screen" problem with Anderson Cooper's nose disappearing was from compression of the file. Watch the 720 HD instead.

Then read this regarding Motion Compensation.

Jim Fetzer is a liar.

5. School Nurse Sally Cox to USA Today Reporter

There is no audio recording of that interview presented, therefore we can't be certain what Sally Cox told that reporter, if Sally Cox directly talked to that reporter at all. But we have other interviews of Sally Cox, where she explains using her own words.

Notice that 'scifake' says Sally Cox is "lying" because her story allegedly "changed"? Read the above paragraph again. The USA Today reporter likely added information to sensationalize the account, simply listen to the sensationalizing way the unknown/not famous reporter describes the interview with Sally Cox. It seems the reporter added information to give more drama to the story.

Jim Fetzer is a liar.


There is other information from Jim Fetzer that's problematic or outright lies but I didn't feel like typing any more at that moment.

Again: Avoid Fetzer.