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So let's think this through

So let's think this through together.

Suppose you're out in a space ship, a trillion light years away from any star and any galaxy. The odds of any signal reaching you are one in a trillion trillion.

You receive a signal, and after reading it, you decide it isn't something that went out a trillion trillion times, but is one of a kind and is a message that refers specifically to you. This is analogous to their only being one universe.

Now, in order to be reading that message, it had to reach you. You wouldn't be reading it if it hadn't.

Do you assume the message was intended for you, or do you say "Since I only could have read it if it reached me, the odds are the same that it reached me coincidentally rather that deliberately, even if it was the only message of its kind."

You have two options for explanation. Assuming the message was one of a kind, are both explanations equally likely?