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different people find different things annoying

You find videos in comments annoying (though this was a short humorous video that actually made fun of my own comment). I find long, winded comments annoying. Whatever. We'll keep annoying each other :)

Ok, epiphenomenalism is really a type of monism. Occasionalism still suffers from the problem of causal interaction. If God is causing everything, and if God is not physical in nature, how is he affecting physical matter? So yes, all dualistic philosophies suffer from the problem of causal interaction.

If you don't assume physical explanation, the only other possibility is mental monism (aka idealism). As for the supposed problem of causation for physical monism, the problem here is not HOW one thing can cause another thing to do something, but rather proving causation vs. just correlation. This is the problem of induction. It is a different problem. It is a problem of generalization from instances to a class.

You are either arguing for dualism or for mental monism. Do you take as your position that mind and matter are somehow metaphysically distinct? In positing the question of whether mind or matter is fundamental to reality, you must either take this position or the position that only one or the other is metaphysically real. Come now, do you want to be known as an idealist? That goes against the very core of the carefully crafted image you have created for yourself on the Daily Paul.

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