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Comment: Question #3 Does inflation hurt the Bankers?

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Question #3 Does inflation hurt the Bankers?

No. For several reasons.

1.) Inflation takes time to manifest. New money benefits those who have it first before the inflation kicks in. Who gets the money first? The bankers who create it. They buy assets with cheap dollars that they create out of nothing. The value of those assets rise as inflation affects the currency. They buy low and sell high.

2.) If the currency does not inflate it will collapse. Money (as federal reserve notes) is debt. Every dollar of debt is a new dollar created to circulate. So the money circulating reflects all the principle of the loans but no money is created to pay the interest. If all the debt was paid there would be no currency. If we don't keep expanding the economy through inflation there would be no ability to pay interest. It is a Ponzi scheme.

3.) That is a fools paradise, a rat trapped in a treadmill, unsustainable. Don't they know that they are screwing themselves too?
Being greedy doesn't mean most of the "staff" who make it possible are smart. They get commissions in federal reserve notes, but the banks get the assets.
When it does collapse the bankers who are actually just a few families and individual people (who also put their pants on one leg at a time) will foreclose on all the debt and own all the assets. Your house, your car, your business, your property. All your pledged collateral. Not so dumb

Wealth is created by labor and creativity. Wealth is never destroyed. It is only transferred. When the currency collapses the wealth of assets are taken by the bankers when they call the loans.

The Bankers Association actually planned and colluded to create many of the "Panics" just to seize the assets through foreclosure both before and after the creation of the fed. That is how they pushed through the Aldrich commission which created the Fed. The seizure of the gold under FDR at $20/oz which was revalued at $35 once it was in the Fed's vaults. The Great depression where so many families lost the farm but created modern agri-business when the lands were taken and the banks called in the mortgages.

Banks create inflationary bubbles to inspire people to create wealth so they can seize it through foreclosure and concentrate it into the corporations they own and control. The stocks of the inflated 1920's stock market. Who took control of all those companies and land? The corporations continued and grew more concentrated. too big to fail. Modernly, the 1980's Commercial real estate bubble that resulted in the RTC, the dot com bubble, the Housing bubble that concentrated and bailed out the banks and insurance companies owned by the banks.