Comment: I am going through an Ornithology class currently.

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I am going through an Ornithology class currently.

Now I am an amateur birder. Since I started watching, I've seen dozens of interesting birds that I never thought even existed. Cedar Waxwings, Red-winged Blackbirds, Blue birds, House finches, Northern Cardinals, Blue Jays, all sorts of sparrows, woodpeckers, you name it. I would recommend The Stokes Field Guide To The Birds of North America.

it comes with a disc of over 600 calls and songs. The pictures are all photographed, not drawn. And it mostly shows both female and male because they are mostly different. Males are of course, more fancy.

On my parents ranch land they have many feeders set up. The other week I saw a flock of about twenty red-winged blackbirds, and to watch them fly away was just amazing. Anyway, I'm glad there are freedom loving birders out there like me! :-)

-Matthew Good