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Comment: Aimee Allen's "Ron Paul"

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Aimee Allen's "Ron Paul"

Aimee Allen's "Ron Paul" captured the spirit of the 2008 campaign. The youthful energy and excitement. I had the chance to meet Aimee at the Troops support Ron Paul rally in DC and I bought her CD. I really only bought it because I wanted to show her support for what she did but when I got it in my car and started to listen to her other music I have to say I gained a spiritual bond with her. After listening to her music over and over and the message she transmits with her songs I really believe that she's a "Christian Anarchist" like me. My belief system is that Christ loves us all and saves us all (even those who don't yet realize it). I don't believe in a literal hell other than maybe for Satan and his angels. I believe that LOVE is the answer and I really feel that is Aimee's message...

Beware the cult of "government"...

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