Comment: In terms of the attitude of the people,

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In terms of the attitude of the people,

we are still pre-WWII Nazi Germany. As they learned though, the ax can come down quickly.
People seem to know things aren't right, but they deal with it by being indifferent; ignoring it...too much to face I guess. This makes us highly vulnerable in the same way the Germans were.
Today however, it is not as easy to identify a pure fascist or communist as it was in the '30s/'40s. From my observations, it seems communists have forfeited their own economic model, and have adopted state control of the means of production, rather than outright ownership. Both left and right love Public/Private Partnerships, as an example, which is basic fascism, and wholly unconstitutional.
I don't think we will see a Nazi Germany type full scale militaristic dictatorship here soon. We are heading towards a soft tyranny of the willing for sure though, which will make life for dissenters very uncomfortable.

Undo what Wilson did