Comment: This won't work.

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This won't work.

So if you own a gun you must wear your watch all the time, otherwise your gun and watch both can be stolen together. If you wear the watch a thief will look for people who are wearing "smart gun watches" and way-lay them, steal their watch and wallet, get their address and rob the gun.
If thieves have no recourse to obtain a gun but to rob a person with a watch, then people with watches will become vulnerable, targets.
This seems like a joke, won't work. A high percentage of people who already own guns will not give them up without a fight ... to the death. Constitutional minded individuals will see this as another attack on their 2nd Amdmt and not obey any new mandates.
Most importantly, if this is not a joke then it should be seriously seen as another government ruse to render gun owners harmless in the face of govt/enemy fire. The watch can be remotely controlled by government the same way they control our cell phones; they come into a community, remotely blackout "not so smart watch" signal, then confiscate guns easily and maybe kill the owners.
No, this will never happen.