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Comment: Squirrels :)

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Squirrels :)

I started to read your post about feeding the birds and thought, "I should post something quick in reply about the squirrels I regularly feed," then I saw that you also mentioned squirrels lol. :)

A few clips I filmed, at a local city park approximately a minute walk from my house. There are probably a few dozen squirrels there, plus a lot of crows and other smaller birds I have no idea the names of.

My face is partially covered with a peace sign for semi-anonymity; earlier today. :)

winter 2013 - today 2014

I feed the squirrels primarily almonds, but also occasionally walnuts and hazelnuts. They sometimes get dried dates, also sometimes bread if I bring any for the crows.

Almonds are best because they're high in calcium, important for healthy bones to help prevent breaks and fractures common with squirrels' run/jump/climb lifestyle.

A local grocer has great price bulk, so a few dollars buys a LOT. Happy squirrels.