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Comment: All the time I've been

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All the time I've been

All the time I've been driving around this year I never noticed any John Cornyn for Senate signs.
I saw 1 Stovall banner while in Tyler but that was it as well.
Then it occurred to me. John Cornyn doesn't need to have a million signs and banners (like all the county judge races do...) because HIS voters are sitting on their rump watching TV or listening to the radio. He knows his demographics.
Same for Stockman. He is running on name alone. He abruptly dropped his congressional race to run for senate on the LAST POSSIBLE DAY. Hasn't been to hardly ANY tea party events (1-2 at my count), participated in ZERO debates but is all over the web as "Cornyn's challenger". They know what they're doing. They know people are just going to read some blah-blah news story churned out by the MSM and establishment media, "Stockman Gaining on Cornyn!".
All the polls conducted by individual Tea Parties, Dwayne Stovall won. On the other hand, if you are Stockman or Cornyn, you can pay a polling company to poll for you.
Didn't know that? These polling and survey companies will poll when you want, where you want, who you want, to get the results you want. Stovall not included in the survey? Intentional.
It has been fortunate that Dwayne has been on the shows and radio interviews he has, because 'you have to pay to play the game'. The reason Beck never interviewed him was because of $. He wont talk to people unless they fork over the dough. This is the sick reality of our political system.

Hopefully in my lifetime this system can be ended and we can have a more republican form of electing these people.

Southern Agrarian