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Actually it was a phone call, not a visit

At the eight minute mark in this interview, he describes his phone conversations with the company and then the next morning from a local cop who told him to stop harassing them. It was a phoned-in threat, not a visit that time.

Since this is pared down to just the Halbig interview, you might want to replace the lengthier show clip you're using, but giving The Nightly News crew more viewing is great also!

I confused the earlier visit he reported with this intrusion by cops who had no business doing so, except by higher-ups prompting them. He goes on to describe the conversation he had with the trauma helicopter company where they were astonished that they weren't called, but "the officials" had those porta potties quickly delivered, using golf carts to tow them in! It takes some logistical planning to pull that off, but I guess their minds were more in the toilet than on calling in rescue copters!

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