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I gave you the last word on that thread and all you did was insult.

I understand the politics behind the downvote collective against me, which you denied being a part, yet, all you did was attack and insult. So I respectfully gave you that last word, because I don't know you, or your point, except to attack me.

Here you are on a thread from someone who gave me a kind call out. You could have gave the thread a DOWNVOTE and IGNORED, eh? That would have been respectful.

But a downvote wan't good enough opportunity to throw stones, rather, you take this thread in attempt to use my words against me, because I love Israel, understand who and why on DP does not, and I respect them, as I stopped posting on their threads, and don't bother to even downvote. They have the right to believe Jews did 911, Jews have no rights to self destermination, Jews are the problem, Jews must be wiped off the map, Jews are nazis, Jews are what's wrong with the world. I'm not a teacher. I don't agree with them, and I have made my point, it's well known.

I stand with Israel. The downvotes, insults, attacks are not going to change that.

Israel has as much right to exist as you. Israel has as much right to self determination as you. I will stand by Israel, as I stand by you, respectfully not agreeing with everything you or Israel says and does, but that you have the right to self determination and existance.

So, if you have something to say, again, I will give you the last word on this thread, knowing this thread was created of love and peace, and you are not here to share love and peace, but throw stones. Have a good posting day.