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excellent post..

This needs to come out.
The ONLY redress for 'oppression' by Big Pharma, Big Ag, Big Oil, Big Bank coverups and trampling of small business/property rights/privacy/environment/food etc. is absolutely NOT in the 'Courts of Justice'.
It 'should' be... but it ain't.

ALL that is left for redress of 'grievances'.
is the internet and garnering public outrage... sadly (as we well know)
even THAT is not enough most of the time.
It's (always) about money and greed and complicity of Government in covering up/oppressing truth for the almighty dollar.

Fascism is indeed on steroids and we CANNOT expect justice from it.

If you ever get the time..
watch this film by Dr. Mercola on the organized oppression of one man.
Watch the first 4 minutes and you'll see what I mean.