Comment: Tasty, clean water

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Tasty, clean water

I saw the video on the internet about the water that you could light up & it kept on burning. This can't be good for human consumption. While there are many things that are flammable, I believe that most are products of oil refining. Nobody would drink gasoline or oil. Why should industries be introducing hydraulic chemicals that can leach into the water tables in order to extract them easier? Where is the research? These chemicals have to be of a higher viscosity in order to crack rock. In other words , they have to compress less than water. That's why they use oil in hydraulic jacks. Where do they go after the frack? Hopefully not in my body. It's bad enough that my city of Chicago adds flouride & other chemicals to the water on top of the runoff from indutry polluting our lake. If we don't hold them to the fire, who will? Certainly not Chicago politicians. Most certainly not Washington politicians as is evidenced by this film.