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I agree

And what's also weird ((((U)))) is I have what are called "Dead Dreams". It's even refered to in a song by the Grateful Dead, "Box of Rain".

I love that song..

Dead dreams are these dreams you can't will, maybe you could but I think it would be living in a perpetual seperate reality, which won't help you much among the living, AKA reality (debate what is normal).

A dead dream is you go to this place of Splintered Sunlight with places that are familiar like childhoom homes, and places you experienced by associating with the Dead, like Terrapin Sration, and you meet souls, good souls, grateful souls, loving kind beautiful souls, who impart inner wisdom, or truths, (which 40 year old hippy man is an icon for a type of wisdom.. or in New Age:

(it's interesting until the end, where they get into examples by celebrity.. and then it's like the gig is up, but still many people buy the whole box (of rain if you will).. it has nothing to do with race, but that discription of the love freqency".. it's that vibe is where Dead dreams feel like.. so there, I impart the soul of a 40 year old hippy visting your childhood memories of what a 40 year old hippy man was like. I'm sure I have been a 40 year old hippy man in that seperate reality.

Even Susan B. Anthony said she could see a Granger as far as she could see her, as the Granger carried herself as well as a man. Least we forget Joan d'Arc.