Comment: Young people not ignorant.

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Young people not ignorant.

15 million are killed, injured or infected by the medical care system every year.

15,000 Seniors a month die of routine procedures,
including Andy Rooney, Neil Armstrong and Dick Clark.

America is facing an epidemic of doctor caused diseases. Alzheimer is a cholesterol deficiency, Reflux is a salt deficiency. Diabetes, asthma, depression from a plant oil overdose.

The US wins the gold medal. US is number One in Obesity.

Americans one 100yo per 10,000 while spending the most on healthcare.

Cultures without a health care system have one 100yo per 250.

These Knuckleheads see that the medical system does nothing to care for health because they profit from nutritional deficiency diseases they promote.

Give the reaper a wedgie. Supplement and avoid the bad stuff: Fried food, plant oils,
nitrate and nitrite cured meats.

Free includes debt-free!