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I live in Denver

You are going to want to leave the concourse where you land and travel to the main terminal, the one with the tent ceiling. I suggest walking from the concourse to the terminal, but if you land at Concourse C, it'll be quite a walk. I'm sure there will be some weird gargoyles or weird stuff along the way.

Once in the main terminal, that is where the murals are. You'll have to explore a little, but they're there. I've heard the one with the guy stabbing the dove was painted over, but I think it's just hard to find. If it isn't painted over, there are 4 murals to find.

Also, at the south (maybe north) end of the terminal, with the big window overlook, you'll find a plaque with the compass and square Freemason symbol dedicated to "The New World Airport Commission." A phantom commission.

Take the train back to your concourse and see the crazy symbols in the train tunnel. Take note of the ceilings on your way back, there are all sorts of objects pointing the direction of weird pathways.

Just be on the lookout for weird things that seem to have purpose. You won't see the scary horse of the apocalypse unless you leave the airport.

Other than that, the airport is huge! The concourses are far apart, and the inside is very luxurious and nice. One of the nicest airports I've been to.

Good luck! You'll have to go through security again if you enter the terminal.

"Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito."