Comment: You shoot from the hip and end up looking...

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You shoot from the hip and end up looking...

Well, If it's any consideration, the industry's own studies are reporting a 48% well casing failure rate.
That's measurable, unlike many geological opinions.
So lethal stuff that has no business being near living things
(at concentration levels that would make a nuclear bomb builder envious) is coming up from a mile or more below the earth's surface and killing whatever it comes in contact with.

And regarding money?
My phone call this morning was from a guy who was paid $1.5 million by Range Resources to STFU. He had them by the balls for the damage they did to his $2 million farm. The workers even broke into one of his barns and stole a Bobcat and got it stuck in mud.
A judge hammered Range and told them my buddy could tell anyone he wants to about the settlement.