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Chances are

Chances are if anyone tries this they won't even get a chance to argue their case before a judge, unless it's a sufficiently high-profile case that the IRS pushes for prison time. The process is highly streamlined now. If someone tries to sell you some magic words that they claim will turn the ravenous IRS beast into a docile puppy, be skeptical.

Below is an example of someone who filed a form 4852, "correcting" his wages to zero. The IRS re-calculated his taxes due for him, using the "un-corrected" numbers from his employer of course, and tacked on $10,000 in penalties. This was done via summary judgement so he didn't get to argue his case in court. Read the whole thing if you want to see in some detail how the IRS chews up and spits out people who are duped into making these kinds of arguments.