Comment: Problems with this guys video.

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Problems with this guys video.

First off he watches to much Hollywood.

There will be no wholesale gun grab. It will be done subtly if at all.

The point is NOT to defend the 2nd Amendment but to defend my property, my natural rights, myself and my family.

The political system is NOT working as he seems to think.

He uses the disarmament during Katrina as an example of how allowing yourself to be disarmed strengthened the 2nd Amendment. If so then why is he so worried about disarmament?

He talks about hiding guns and giving them one or two to appease them. This is nothing new and it may work for those who have weapons that can't be traced but for most they will know just what you have before they come.

He uses a story of a surprise attack on Washington's troops where he retreated and left the guns as an example of how giving up your guns is not a bad thing cause you can always get more guns. REALLY? So they are going to take your guns but let you go out and buy more?

He is trying to make a point by demonizing those who don't agree with his assessment or the straw man he has erected. This just makes him seem condescending.

He says we should go on the offensive. Who is we and how much of what he says has he actually done?

He says we should "regroup". With whom? All groups are monitored and your group will be targeted first in any power grab.

The ratio of gun owners to government employees is irrelevant. We are not two armies squaring off against each other. Strategic retreat for victory does not compute in a gun grab scenario.

This guy is confused.