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I think not.

Many of those jailed for not paying income tax are using their own interpretation of the tax code and court precedent.
I understand what you and the poster of this thread means by the current tax enforcement; He believes a flat tax or "fair tax" (an oxymoron) would be a step backward. Even if this is true, the idea that there is some way to point out to the IRS, or a court, that wages are not taxable income has been tried and it has failed repeatedly from several different angles.
The reason the income tax was passed was the major source of revenue for the federal government was the protective import tariff established at the beginning of the War to Prevent Southern Independence. It killed agriculture in the U.S. In 1913 most people in the U.S. lived on farms. As a way to get the government to take its grip off farmers, the promise that with the income tax, the rich who lived off their investments would be taxed instead. The tariff was lowered as a trade for the 16th Amendment until the Depression. Then it was raised and income tax was expanded to include wages. After that employer tax with-holding was put into place.
Trading one tax for a promise of a better one has a bad history.
Get rid of the income tax, or pass a constitutional amendment or law that says for purposes of the 16th amendment wages is not income and cannot be taxed.

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