Comment: Actually...there ARE quite specific names to go with events...

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Actually...there ARE quite specific names to go with events...

Actually there ARE quite specific names to go with the body of evidence collected so far:

911 researcher Kevin Ryan just came out with a great book on it.

You should have a read...

Also, that term "YOU WILL FAIL" is a ridiculous extrapolation into the future. Yeah...odds are against the 911 Truth Movement from bringing about a new Nuremberg...but stranger things have happened.

You know...and TRUTH is stranger than fiction.

Don't ever tell me "YOU WILL FAIL" nonsense or I will set out to make it my life's prove you wrong.

Who says there can't be a "significant regime change" in our lifetimes? THERE CAN!

People underestimate the grass roots international effort to prosecute the crimes of 911. It is bubbling beneath the surface...and is underground for now...but it not be contained forever.

It will burst to the surface one day soon.

Finally, its not the Powers That Be (TPTB)....but, as the eminent independent (and fellow anarchist) journalist James Corbett more correctly calls them...the Powers That Shouldn't Be (PTSB).

Toto will never stop dragging back the curtain on the PTSB.

Take heart. We are winning.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.