Comment: Oh please. Let me save you some time!

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Oh please. Let me save you some time!

Not a conspiracy theory.

~ First attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor.
~ And None since in the 13 year, bogus "War on Terror".

~ Four Airliners off course no transponders*
~ No jets were scrambled.
~ Never happened before. Never happened since.

It was a conspiracy at the highest levels of government. No other 'enemy' had the where-with-all to pull it off.

~ The above facts are sufficient evidence to hang the actors.
~ Any discussion beyond this is mental masturbation.

*These slow, unmaneuverable planes were then flown for 1 hour and 45 minutes through the most restricted airspace in the world without eliciting a single military intercept. The most sophisticated military in the world, able to strike dime-sized targets from hundreds of miles away with laser-guided missiles, precision radar equipment, and state of the art aircraft capable of flying well over 1,300 mph, could not locate, engage, nor intercept four wandering jumbo jets. A military that has a budget larger than the combined military assets of every other country in the world could not scramble, intercept and engage any of the radically wayward planes. Even Flight 77, which was allowed to fly unimpeded and crash into the Pentagon one full hour after two jets had been flown into the Twin Towers in NYC, failed to elicit the response and intercept from any military jets. Nor, indeed, did flight 93. A plane that crashed in a Pennsylvania field 1 hour and 45 minutes after the first plane was confirmed hijacked.