Comment: I didn't mean disrespect my

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I didn't mean disrespect my

I didn't mean disrespect my friend. I myself was a Christian missionary for two years of my life in a foreign country. While my beliefs have changed over the subsequent years, my respect for the general teachings and message of the Christ have remained. It is still, truly, a story that inspires awe.

The problem I have is with the fact that the majority of self-proclaimed Christians in this country are some of the most rabid supporters of war and slaughter that you'll ever meet. They can watch films like these, attend meetings, and read the Gospels, and then turn around and wish death and destruction to entire societies of human beings. It's disgusting to me and it's why I have so little respect for so many Christians these days.

I bring up the image portrayed in these films of Jesus because it's this painting of Jesus as some sexy, European-featured hunk that solidifies the idea in many Christian's heads that he's one of them, and the people they wish to see slaughtered are something OTHER THAN human, when the reality is, that Jesus looked a heck of a lot more "Arab" than he looked European.