Comment: Jan are you from Puerto Rico?

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Jan are you from Puerto Rico?

I went there for the first time last summer. Beautiful place. Beautiful weather.

But the whole political situation there is complicated, to say the least. They're a "territory" but not a state.

I heard on the radio that they're subject to the same minimum wage as the mainland, and that for that economy, it is just way too high.

The territory is in debt $70 billion, and can't pay it back, and so here comes the austerity. Restructuring and austerity on the people, to pay off all this money that they had no involvement in borrowing. They can't declare bankruptcy -- not like a state could.

It is sad to see The System devouring Puerto Rico like that. Like a big snake, swallowing its next meal.

There must be a real fight going on down there now. What do you know?

He's the man.