Comment: There's plenty of evidence of Controlled Demolition

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There's plenty of evidence of Controlled Demolition

in the debris: 1) thermite and thermate in the powdered remains;
2)hardened thermite & thermate on remaining center I-beams;
3) Pictures of I-beams sticking up from basement are cut on a 45% angle before firemen & demolition crew arrived;
4) Videos of center of Bldg 7 at roof area showing center imploding even before the rest of the building moved downward;
5) As Bldg 7 is collapsing, squibs are seen exploding from the side of building going up the building;
6) Videos show helicopter at rear of one or two of the three bldgs at the upper floors stopping, hovering and then a small white light is shown on the interior floor; this is done two times. This was an anomaly in the face of a natural collapse.
7) The idea that ten floors can collapse each second is still the most telling piece of information. Only a free falling bldg without center columns could drop so fast which proves beyond any doubt Demolition.
8) Thousands of tons of concrete and furniture were vaporized. Not one piece of office equipment remained, and no large concrete slabs remained. All was turned to powder is evidence of Demolition.
9) Videos showing people ducking as loud explosions can be heard.
10) Beams ejected with such force they became lodged in other buildings hundreds of feet from ground zero.
11) Beams shot halfway to Hoboken.
12) Beams & debris shown shooting Up and Away from the Towers as they fell, which is unnatural in a collapsing building but not in explosion or Demolition.
13) Just about every vehicle surrounding the Towers was vaporized; some cars with aluminum engines remained intact while cast iron blocks were vaporized; certain kinds of metal door handles vaporized and others did not. A recent book by Judy ____ suggested electromagnetic impulse weapon was used or something to that effect.

This is from memory, but due diligence can uncover a hundred reasons beyond a shadow of doubt why this was Demolition; any thoughts to the contrary is denial, coverup, stupidity.

In an honest and impartial court of law, the idea of a Demolition as reason for collapsing Towers & Bldg 7 would be a foregone conclusion. Our Government under Bush/Cheney at the time was/is criminal and must be held accountable.