Comment: Okay and now I'm going to sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist

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Okay and now I'm going to sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist

Okay, and now I'm going to sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist... to some.

Disclaimer: I have absolutely nothing to back up any tiniest bit of the following speculative claim (barely veiled)...

Pardon me, it's just I'm a software engineer who darn well knows how weak non-provably correct or verifiable software can be - well, if only because making it provably correct and verifiable, precisely, is really, really, really hard (and still seldom done, besides when it's for sending guys in outer space), and because of software's weakest link ever : man.

So, without further ado:

* capability - who on earth is likely to have the most computing power and enough money for the most numerous legions of well-greased little hands to play dirty / nasty against whichever promising Bitcoin entreprise?

* motivation - who on earth has the best interests in discrediting Bitcoin's reliability, or robustness, or information security as early as possible before the legislator even starts to remotely understand what are Bitcoin's true qualities vs. its truly arguable design or implementation flaws in its youth?

* opportunity - who on earth has had the most surveillance capabilities to gauge the optimum critical volume of trades to go for action with hacking Mt. Gox, for the sake of stealing and/or making a spectacular example as a possible beginning of a defaming campaign against a still "unregulated Bitcoin system"?


Do you see where I am going?

Well, time will tell : let us see now what kind of rhetoric is to follow up soon in the MSM...

Hmmm? ...

... Shall we?

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